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    What is OpenLetters.info

    January 26, 2009 CFABA.ORG Announces the Launch of OpenLetters.info.

    This is the new central location where we are posting the "OPEN LETTERS" we have written to various Companies, Organizations, Political Entities and even Government Agencies. For more about what is OpenLetters.info click here.

    But, in summary let us just say that unfortunately at times Companies, Organizations, Political Leaders and even Government Agencies provide bad service or have other bad business practices. And sometimes after we have tried all other methods to resolve the issue we still need to write them a letter. It is our Policy if we have to write a letter it is going to be written as an "Open Letters". An Open Letter means that we can share it with our members and anyone else we wish to, it is not private.

    So, this is the place you can now look to find the 'Open Letters' we have found it necessary to write. We are posting our current and new "Open Letters". But, soon we will be updating this site with links to the 'Open Letters' we have already posted in other places in our website(s) and with 'Open Letters' which because they did not fit into any of our existing websites we have not yet chosen to post.

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